Affinity Answers’

Insights and Observations on Targeting and Data Enrichment

Why are Branded Retail segments on the rise?

As retail continues to battle in 2023, marketers are looking for...
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Is “Targeted Scale” Achievable?

Targeted scale has been the apex of most performance focused...
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Tik Tok + FIFA = Unimaginable Relevant Reach

It's time to wow your clients with audiences, never before...
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Tik Tok Data Now Available

Data from the fastest growing social media platform is now...
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From “Tessera Hospitalis” to First Party Identity Resolution – The Evolution of Loyalty in the Modern Age

Membership and loyalty programs have been around for centuries. The...
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Competitive Sets Informed by the Customer’s Point of View

A big part of growing a restaurant's repeat customer base...
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NQI Ratings Rank Affinity Answers #1 (again)

Affinity Answer tops the top 250 in newest Neutronian Report...
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How Group Dynamics Inform Purchase Decisions

New report uncovers role of group dynamics in purchase decisions...
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Data Modeling is the Future

Data Modeling will defeat the Cookie-pocalypse You could say that...
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