Relevant audiences, maximum coverage

Social insights-based audiences empower outreach through more meaningful connections and coverage.


Certified for transparency, quality, and cookieless

Our data has been validated to be future-proofed for the depreciation of third-party cookies. Whether you are searching for the most relevant audiences or looking to conquest your competition, our data driven audiences are the best at driving brand and business growth.

Audience data that matters

Group 2592
Global Audiences at Scale

Near-real time data covering
4B targetable IDs activated across display, video, social, and CTV

Group 2593
Ease of Access

Instantly accessible audiences available across all major DSPs and social media platforms

Group 2594
Certified Data

Audited by Neutronian to ensure privacy compliance, transparent data sourcing, and data quality

Advanced targeting at scale

Custom Audiences
with infinite possibilities

Activated across display,
video, social, and CTV

Ready to go National
and Global Audiences

Certified by Neutronian to
ensure quality and privacy

Facebook, Instagram, Reddit,
Twitter, and Tik Tok data

1,500 instantly accessible syndicated audiences

True personalization through data

Coverage across all verticals

As social engagements ramp up across all major networks, our insights-based audiences grow in power, allowing programmatic marketers to deploy messaging to the people that matter in the places that matter to them. We track thousands of entities, providing an audience for everything.


Build a custom audience

Create or combine audiences based on shared behaviors and affinities, down to the brand level. Boost campaign efficiency and lead generation by reaching the audience segments most likely to respond. Our custom audiences tailor your targeting to better suit your approach.


High Affinity Drives Higher Purchases

New study from Neutronian confirms customers with higher affinity towards products have higher purchase frequency and total value.


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