Supercharge your data with social affinities

Increase the relevance of your first-party data with comprehensive social data and get a crystal clear view of your customer.

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Append your customer data with social affinities for maximized performance

First-party data only goes so far in defining a customer. Get superior supplemental social insights from over 250MM people across more than 40,000 brands and entertainment entities daily. Affinity Enrich enhances and appends first-party data, giving clients a 360º view of their customer with thousands of interests and lifestyles.

Supplemental social data

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Advanced Analytics

Go beyond basic demographics and category knowledge by including media, lifestyle, and interests at the brand-level

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Superior Personalization

Achievable 1-1 personalization across all channels, unifying e-mail, text, website, and app messaging

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Integration Simplicity

Simple setup and integration to suit your needs - deploy within your data center or access via an API

Data to answer to your most pressing questions


Your audience data can evolve

Go beyond basic demographic or category understanding and approach your customers with increased relevance. Our data enrichment program enhances your customer data with entertainment interests and brand intent to increase scale and relevance.


If you’re working with a brand of any kind, this is the best data set and the simplest user experience to understand the overall affinities of the brand’s audience with media, content, talent and other brands."

David Boyle,

Founder & CEO - Audience Strategies

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Dive into the psychology behind group dynamics and why the reduction of cookies may just make targeting better than ever.

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