Case Study:

Case Study:

Best Audiences
For The Travel Industry
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Affinity Answers partnered with Lucid Audience Measurement to measure the efficacy of our audiences against the leading prior-purchase based competitor to find out whether brand-level data or prior-purchase signals were better predictors of future purchase intent.

The Process
Neutronian collaborated with its buy-side partner, Causal IQ, to create a methodology enabling a direct comparison between Neutronian certified cookieless Affinity Answers segments and non-certified segments, evaluating their respective contributions to campaign performance.

  • Working with Neutronian, Causal IQ selected a set of campaigns running with various audience targets for the test.
  • Affinity Answers provided their segment recommendations for each campaign based on the desired audience target.
  • Causal IQ set up each campaign with two different ad groups. One ad group used the Neutronian certified Affinity Answers cookieless segments for targeting and the second ad group used other non-certified third-party segments for targeting.

The Results
The data from the test showed that Neutronian certified Affinity Answers cookieless segments:


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