Our Story

Affinity Answers was founded in Austin, Texas, so naturally we are a little weird, but we are very serious about our mission – to demonstrably increase brands’ efficiency and effectiveness. We measure ourselves by your increased sales, market share, and profitability. Our guiding value is to Deserve Success with a long-term focus in serving our clients, employees, partners, and investors.

Brands need partners. No one can go it alone. And there are a lot of data partners out here doing a lot of different things. We do one thing. We identify and activate the right data to help you succeed.

We pride ourselves in our ability to connect the dots across areas that were traditionally silos or undiscoverable, helping you better understand and market to your consumers.

In a world of investment capital-backed ad tech darlings, we have bootstrapped ourselves to profitability with steady growth over the years. We are not a profit center for a larger Goliath. Our management and employees own the majority of the company which enables us to have a long-term focus and commitment to you. We are proud to be a marketing data science company. And we are proud to be at your service.

Team Members

Sree Nagarajan


Mahesh Narayanan


Josh Raper

VP, Marketing

Allison Trebon

Manager, Operations and Partner Integration

Maya Venkatesh

Managing Director, APAC

Vivek Vijayan

Director, Data Engineering

Disney Jacob

Director, Products

Anton Rukaj

Director, Sales

Rishad Tobaccowala


Sam Decker


Jay Rampuria


Jack Klues

Board Member

John Bess

Board Member

Pradeep Singh

Board Member

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