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World’s largest social affinity data provider for targeting and data enrichment.

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global data provider for powering relevant and scalable targeting and enrichment


Target new and existing
customers at scale activated
across any digital channel


Enrich your first-party data to
power personalization and a 360
degree view of your customers

Powered by the TrueAffinity® Graph

Uncover the true relationship between people and brands

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Social engagement is one of the richest data sources in the world, and we capture more than anyone else in the world, cataloging billions of engagements between 250MM people and over 40k brands and media properties every month.

Advanced targeting at scale

Custom Audiences with
infinite possibilities

Activated across display,
video, social, and CTV

Ready to go National
and Global Audiences

Certified by Neutronian to
ensure quality and privacy

Facebook, Instagram, Reddit,
Twitter, and Tik Tok data

1500 instantly accessible
syndicated audiences

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Supercharge your first-party data with lifestyle and brand affinities. Understanding consumer behavior and intent are crucial for effective strategy, bringing brands closer to prospective customers through heightened relevance and personalization.

The most comprehensive enrichment offering on the market

3,000+ lifestyle, intent, and
interest data points

50B+ impressions

Neutronian Certified for data quality,
transparency & privacy compliance

70+ Lifestyle and Interest-
based personas

12+ markets covering North America,

4B+ IDs enriched and
refreshed every month


Affinity Data

Affinity Data+ provides customer data and services to help any size brand or restaurant better leverage data to outperform their competitors.

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Dive into the psychology behind group dynamics and why the reduction of cookies may just make targeting better than ever.

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