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Slide ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS FOR EVERYTHING ENTERTAINMENT We created FanFinder360º to give entertainment and enthusiast brand marketers a competitive edge.

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Slide Dynamic Segment Tracking New, comprehensive SaaS platform that allows marketers to track any brand's and competitor's segmentation to see which segments are loyal, switchers, and opting out all together.

why use social data?

a purchase is fleeting, but love is forever

Marketers need more from their targeting than “maybe bought it once.”
We help marketers target sports and entertainment fans and the true lovers of brands.

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Pinpoint targeting powered by the most robust social data on the planet


programmatic & addressable

Best-in-class data to target your ideal customers and to conquest your competitors

Behavioral 1:1 targeting makes TV buying more effective & efficient than ever

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FanFinder360º uncovers actionable insights to strengthen your media plan



Our proprietary FanFinder360º platform is powered by the world’s largest continuous study of social engagement between fans and entertainment they love – TV shows, movies, music, and more

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Put us to the test. We deliver the best in programmatic audiences and social insights wherever you want to activate. Let us help you extend your reach or conquest competitors by delivering your brand to its most passionate audiences.


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February 22, 2021

Sponsors are primed to double down on the Madness

After a year’s hiatus, the Madness is back, and it looks like the teams, players, fans, and sponsors couldn’t be happier. NCAA® basketball is a very big deal, and the…