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programmatic display and video

Find the lovers of brands, and target the fans of shows, games, sports, movies and celebrities, all by using the most powerful social data on the planet. Our social insights tap deep into fan affinities across all categories and genres, and our audiences put you in front of the fans of the hottest brands and entertainment around.

advanced TV

Our data goes beyond passive viewership to target most passionate TV watchers by their favorite shows, actors, or genres. We use social insights to understand everything about what users actively engage with and combine it with the best offline data allowing you to target true fans across any channel.

campaign planning

Get access to the largest continuous study of people’s engagements with the brands, sports, celebrities, games, and influencers they love, to help you activate across your entire media plan. AudiencePlanner by Affinity Answers gives marketers unique social insights to help them deliver results.


Social media influencers have come a long way. Once thought of as cult leaders for various interests, they now command attention and buying power far greater than today’s biggest movie stars. Their followings are passionate and dedicated. Seems like a group brands just might what to target.

three strategies to help you succeed


Identify your next new customer


Beat your competitors at their own game


Target your customer’s passions

“The customization available with Affinity Answers is exactly what our clients are looking for. Not only will they build a custom audience, but they will provide recommendations to help us fine-tune and improve the targeting – ensuring client expectations are met without negatively impacting scale.”

Director of Sales Planning at Aki Technologies

March 24, 2020

Achieving Audience Success in a Sea of Streaming Providers

As the streaming video landscape continues its rapid (and often confounding) evolution, both consumers and brands find themselves surveying a wide playing field of SVoD providers. Weeknights are no longer…
March 18, 2020

The Political Campaign Edge – Expanding Outreach Through Social Insights

Brand advertisers leverage social media insights in message targeting to connect with the buyers more likely to convert. We are now seeing more and more savvy politicians also tapping into…

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