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We have programmatic audiences to target the fans of all 32 teams.Or build your own custom audience with our Custom Audience Builder to capture the fandom for your brand.

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Identify your next new customer by identifying customers with the highest future purchase intent.


Create brand-level custom audiences, insights, and messaging to beat your competitors at their own game.


Align your brand with the passions of your customers through over 5000 sports music and entertainment entities.

find your next new customer

Brands are growing in two ways: by increasing acquisition of new customers and decreasing defection of existing customers. Affinity Answers specializes in identifying and targeting higher future purchase intent. So, you can fill your funnels with your most likely new customers. As for defection, well, that is up to you.

conquest your competitor

Brand level data allows you to get out in front of your competition before they get in front of you. Our catalogue of over 30,000 brands allows you to target the customers of the category leaders, challengers or even across industries. All available to you and all ready for the picking.

amplify your sponsorships

Our model tracks your customer’s relationship with every major sports league, personality, movie, and television show. We understand better than anyone what your customers are watching, cheering for and following.

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act-alike modeling with TrueAffinity®

Understand a deeper level of how your audience thinks, acts and interacts with the brands, celebrities, sports and entertainment they love. Our ability to capture, analyze and surface brand-level data paints a stunning picture of who your customers are along with who is most likely to buy what next.

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“The customization available with Affinity Answers is exactly what our clients are looking for. Not only will they build a custom audience, but they will provide recommendations to help us fine-tune and improve the targeting – ensuring client expectations are met without negatively impacting scale.”

Director of Sales Planning at Aki Technologies

Case Study
February 28, 2017

Playstation Conquesting Lifts Purchase Intent

Using a branded Affinity Answers’ segment to reach audiences of its competitor, a top gaming console was able to boost purchase intent during the holiday season. With the holiday season…