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World’s largest social affinity data provider for targeting, data enrichment, and delivering superior ROAS.

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global data provider for powering relevant and scalable targeting and enrichment

Target new and existing
customers at scale activated
across any digital channel

Performance data to target more precisely delivering improved ROAS lower CAC

Enrich your first-party data to
power personalization and a 360
degree view of your customers

Social powered TV activation scales targeting to your current and most likely future customers

Powered by the TrueAffinity® Graph

Uncover the true relationship between people and brands

Social engagement is one of the richest data sources in the world, and we capture more than anyone else in the world, cataloging billions of engagements between 250MM people and over 40k brands and media properties every month.

Supercharge your first-party data with lifestyle and brand affinities. Understanding consumer behavior and intent are crucial for effective strategy, bringing brands closer to prospective customers through heightened relevance and personalization.


Performance data that works directly within Meta and Google platforms that drives superior ROAS. Risk free. We make money only when we save you money.

Our Advanced TV offering delivers audiences across all of the most popular brands, sports, and entertainment to maximize relevance while delivering on reach.


High Affinity Drives Higher Purchases

New study from Neutronian confirms customers with higher affinity towards products have higher purchase frequency and total value.


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