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Affinity Answers goes beyond past purchase and current in-market signals to deliver the most likely new, light and lapsed buyers of your brand, increasing your relevant reach by 50% in most categories.

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New, Light and Lapsed buyers
are too important to ignore

Prior shopping behavior and in-market signals are only telling half of the story… literally.
Light, lapsed and new buyers combine for more than 45% of purchases. We specialize in targeting in-market AND pre-intent to deliver total relevant scale.

We start by finding signals
in a noisy universe

We track, measure and analyze 400MM people and 50,000 brands – to uncover the interest intersections between people, brands, celebrities, sports and media.

If you like Amazon,
you’ll love us

Through the use of AI driven collaborative filtering, similar to the methods used by Netflix or Amazon, we score massive amounts of user IDs, from our trusted partners at Oracle and LiveRamp, based on their deterministic behaviors and social engagement.

Increase scale
without losing performance

The result is the ability to target in-market customers along with new, light and lapsed category buyers. So you’re not over-paying to reach your current category buyers and not wasting money blanketing hordes of people who aren’t interested.

In the past 12 months we’ve delivered

Performance Optimized Impressions

Your perfect campaign deserves the perfect custom audience

We build custom audiences based on the behaviors of 400MM people’s interactions with 50,000+ brands, influencers and media properties. Above and beyond purchase behavior, we can identify deeper attributes of large user sets and package them neatly for your next campaign.

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“The customization available with Affinity Answers is exactly what our clients are looking for. Not only will they build a custom audience, but they will provide recommendations to help us fine-tune and improve the targeting – ensuring client expectations are met without negatively impacting scale.”

Director of Sales Planning at Aki Technologies

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February 27, 2017

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