Case Study:
Beauty & Cosmetics

Feb 24, 2024

Case Study:
Beauty & Cosmetics

Affinity Answers
Elevates Cover Girl® with
Katy Perry


Using the TrueAffinity™ Social graph to activate a pop star’s social engagers, a cosmetics brand was able to boost Audio/Video on Video Completion Rates (VCR).

Covergirl® wanted to increase it’s relevance by partnering with a major pop star - Katy Perry. They knew there was an overlap in shared interest between the Katy and Covergirl, but they didn’t know how to most effectively activate. Affinity Answers produced segments that identified overlapping fans of the pop star and the brand.

The impact on a major campaign KPI – the VCR rate – was enormous: the pop star segment achieved 70% vs. the 40% cosmetic category average.

VCR Rates


In addition, the pop star’s fans were now twice as likely to engage with the cosmetics brand on social than they were before the campaign began. In six short weeks, the pop star became the #1 music artist among the cosmetic brand’s social engagers.

Popular Segments

Affinity Answers > Interest > Lifestyle > Cosmetics Connoisseurs

Affinity Answers > Interest > Beauty & Cosmetics > Skincare

Affinity Answers > Interest > Beauty & Cosmetics > Nail Care

Affinity Answers > Interest > Beauty & Cosmetics > Natural & Organic

Affinity Answers > Intent > Makeup > Cover Girl

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