Welcome Back to Back-to-School

Aug 7, 2023

Welcome Back to Back-to-School

The sales are coming and the planning has begun. Back-to-school time is officially here. Savvy marketers are planning the best way to get out in front and Affinity Answers Branded Retail segments have a unique advantage to capture in-market intent and convert at higher rates than our solely, past-purchase counterparts.


Affinity Answers Advanced TV and Programmatic audiences specialize in delivering targeted reach at scale. Powered by the largest continuous study of social behavior in the world, our data identifies positive, active brand engagement.  And now we have access to Instagram and TikTok engagement, giving us the best access to the youngest and most active buyers on the market. 


Unlike generic retail audiences, Branded Retail Audiences give advertisers the unique opportunity to find scale but also more specific relevance to their individual customer. Whether you are looking to increase loyalty or poach business from your closest competitors, Branded Retail audiences identify most likely future customers.

Back-to-School Campaign Segments

Branded Data >> Affinity Answers >> Brands >> Retail >> Target

Branded Data >> Affinity Answers >> Brands >> Retail >> Best Buy

Branded Data >> Affinity Answers >> Brands >> Retail >> Walmart

Branded Data >> Affinity Answers >> Brands >> Retail >> Amazon.com

Branded Data >> Affinity Answers >> Brands >> Retail >> Dollar Tree

Branded Data >> Affinity Answers >> Brands >> Retail >> CVS Pharmacy

Branded Data >> Affinity Answers >> Brands >> Retail >> Marshalls

Branded Data >> Affinity Answers >> Brands >> Retail >> Walgreens

Branded Data >> Affinity Answers >> Brands >> Retail >> Kohls

Benefits of Affinity Answers Advanced TV Data


for Less

Scale your TV targeted reach across any channel and increase reach online at a fraction of the price.


Level Data

Gives you better insight into who is watching and who is most likely to also watch.


Passionate Fans

We capture the active engagers of both brands and shows - increasing affinity and increasing purchases and lifetime value.

Find Affinity Answers segments in any DSP and our Advanced TV segments in LiveRamp - or contact us anytime at audiences@affinityanswers.com

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