Is “Targeted Scale” Achievable?

Dec 15, 2022

Is “Targeted Scale” Achievable?

Targeted scale has been the apex of most performance focused marketers since the advent of reporting and attribution. But only recently has it become more of a reality.

With advancements in data and AI technologies, brand advertising which was predominantly on Linear TV, bought based on broad demographics, is now taking a pivotal step closer to behavioral and interest based targeting.

Advanced TV brought with it a host of targeting capabilities. And despite its troubles with measurement, it has been a relative success. With gaudy numbers like exceeding $40 billion dollars by the end of 2022, it has certainly been a commercial success. But still, scale remains an issue.

The shiny new addition of Advanced TV may have obscured something that also came along with the arrival of all things digital television - Data Driven Linear.

Data Driven Linear still enjoys some of the benefits of Addressable targeting, but keeps the scale of Linear TV. Through Data Driven Linear, marketers and media agencies can overlay data sets that can identify behaviors, personas, interests, and intent beyond demographics - ideal for increasing relevance - and maintain the scale needed for mass marketing campaigns.

Affinity Answers has been helping marketers and media agencies do just that, since the beginning. Having access to the largest continuous study between people and the brands, influencers, and entertainment people engage with across social media, Affinity Answers has the ability to target people based on what they truly love - based on actual behavior, not demographics.

And now, Affinity Answers has added Tik Tok data to its industry leading portfolio of data. The hottest social media platform on the planet gives marketers and media agencies alike an incomparable view into the behaviors of Millennial and Zennial life. The addition of Tik Tok to the already robust portfolio of Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter sets Affinity Answers data apart from any other data provider in the space.

Affinity Answers social affinity data combined with Data Driven Linear provides marketers and media agencies the relevant scale to optimize mass market TV buys and also provides data for Advanced TV highly targeted buys.

Reach out to  to know more or reach out to your Liveramp Client Success Manager to learn about Affinity Answers data for DDL and Advanced TV.

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