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Insights and Observations on Targeting and Data Enrichment

Travelgeddon begins:
can industries keep up?

Surging demand has shocked an unprepared travel industry, with many...
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Why isn’t data
driving more marketing decisions?

Ask anyone across marketing and they are going to sermonize...
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Retail Rising: Everyone Wants In On Physical

Retail exploded in 2020, and gradual reopenings of physical stores...
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Sponsorship Success Requires The Fans, Not The Games

Amidst COVID recovery and political polarization, athlete and brand advocacy...
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Energizing new platforms with old programming

It's 2021 and decades-old sitcoms are worth multi-million dollar deals....
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Streaming Universes Collide: Marvel + Disney vs DC + HBO

We’re very much in the golden age of the superhero,...
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Google’s FLoCs Take Flight, Ruffling a Few Feathers

Google’s solution to ending third-party cookies promises heightened individual privacy...
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