Achieving Audience Success in a Sea of Streaming Providers

As the streaming video landscape continues its rapid (and often...
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The Political Campaign Edge – Expanding Outreach Through Social Insights

Brand advertisers leverage social media insights in message targeting to...
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Enhanced Advertising on Advanced TV

enhanced advertising on advanced TV Television advertising: what was once...
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March into Ad Madness

reaching the right crowd in all the basketball madness College...
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Not Exactly How the Cookie Crumbles:
Breaking Down CCPA Hype

As the January 1 deadline for the California Consumer Privacy...
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with data

the obsession is real. the fandom is intense.   With...
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Affinities Tell the Story Between Candidates and Issues

Since the Obama campaign of 2008, the world has come...
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Look-Alike vs Act-Alike Modeling: Stepping Out of the Shadows

How much does your data tell you about your audience?...
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A New Study Shows Disloyalty is the New Norm

The writing has been on the wall for quite sometime...
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