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Insights and Observations on Targeting and Data Enrichment

Google’s FLoCs Take Flight, Ruffling a Few Feathers

Google’s solution to ending third-party cookies promises heightened individual privacy...
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Not All Social Data is Equal: Active vs Passive Users

Social media gives fans a direct connection to the entertainment...
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Baseball fans prove resilient in providing engagement

Major League Baseball is back in full swing, and after...
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The viewer data that answers the tough questions

Entertainment marketers are often asked tough questions, and sometimes it’s...
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Sponsors are primed to double down on the Madness

After a year’s hiatus, the Madness is back, and it...
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Programmatic audience strategies for 2021 auto trends

Auto’s ready to rejuvenate in 2021, and while it’s a...
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Declining football viewership is temporary, but fans are forever

As the events of 2020 directly affected sports viewership across...
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