Affinity Answers’

Insights and Observations on Targeting and Data Enrichment

High Affinity = Higher Sales Lift and Frequency

A new study from Neutronian confirms value of Affinity-based modeling...
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Demystifying Data Enrichment

Data is at the heart of every marketing organization.  Not...
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Choosing the Right Data Provider

Marketers often have a love❤️/hate💔 relationship with their data.  On...
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Getting to the “Why?” in Customer Behavior

Even the most inexperienced marketing professional knows that collecting and...
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Behavioral Intelligence isn’t just data,
it’s the only data that matters

"Actions speak louder than words."   "Behavior is the mirror...
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For most retailers
WTA (Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon) = WTF

Holiday deals are set to start sooner and last longer...
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Delivering behavioral intelligence
to the customer obsessed

Data brings us closer to consumers, allowing us to understand...
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Affinity Answers
Wins Social Media Tech Vendor of the Year Award

We've brought home the gold as Social Media Tech Vendor...
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Data assurances in a cookieless future

Ongoing hype surrounding cookieless has gradually blossomed into constructive conversations,...
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