Connect with true relevance

Target your current and would-be customers in all the right places.

Diverse data sets deliver stronger media and marketing output

Build stronger marketing and media plans by targeting your customers everywhere and anywhere. Our comprehensive coverage of engagement data ensures effectiveness in both coverage and reception.

Affinity Target brings you closer to your customers

Audiences at scale

Merging comprehensive social data with artificial intelligence, our audiences provide marketers with coverage across more than 1,500 syndicated segments.

Activate likely buyers

Expand your coverage. Social-based audiences get you in front of the most likely prospects, across the most relevant channels and devices.

Ultimate outreach efficiency

Messaging with meaning means better ROI. Maximize ad spend with outreach approaches tailored to the behavior of your particular segments.


Affinity Intersect delivers data-led insights to drive brand growth

Advanced audience research

Basic demographics only provide fragmented views of buyers. Leverage our evolution beyond social listening to build more complete profiles of your customers based on their behavior and brand affinities.

Awareness in the right places

Ensure your campaigns and promotions are received by the most-likely buyers. Our data provides pivotal placement, keyword, and influencer opportunities for increased efficiency in outreach.

Decrease media spend

Building a 360º view of your buyer heightens relevance and optimizes spend. Maximize your media budgets with true marketing intelligence.

Stealing market share to maintain competitive

A national QSR wanted to create a conquest plan leveraging regional advantages against larger brands and national advantages against smaller players. Using Affinity Target they were able to identify new customers through social affinity data, increasing visitation while decreasing spend.

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Advanced real-time customer segmentation tracking

Uncover the true relationship between people and brands

Social powered audiences, activated anywhere

Supercharge 1st party data with lifestyle and interest attributes

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Uncover the true relationship between people and brands

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