Introducing real-time
customer segmentation tracking

Affinity OnTrack delivers longitudinal customer segmentation tracking to help brands steal market share, build and activate new audiences, and protect your base through real-time customer data.

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Customer segment tracking with real-time performance data

Affinity OnTrack measures a brand's performance through the lens of any segmentation. We combine social engagement data, panel, and mobile visitation data to understand and track the behavioral profiles of people shopping or eating at retail stores and restaurants.

Advanced audience segmentation

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Real-time Segment-level Performance Data

Comprehensive data set displays who is visiting where, not just how many are visiting you with the most up-to-date data on your segments.

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 Visitation Seed

Our exclusive mobile visitation seed audiences allow you to target, test, or model your customers or competitive customers in real-time.

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Provides a view into the category through share of competitive visitation, allowing for current comparisons between your brand and its rivals.

Data to answer to your most pressing questions

Track to conquer

Track and measure your segments against your competitors’ visitation so you know which segments are switching, staying, and opting out of the category.

Test and optimize seed audiences

Output privacy-compliant mobile data as a seed for either loyalty, penetration or competitive conquest strategies for any channel – social, mobile, display, CTV, and more.

Validate in-market strategies

Measure the impact of marketing activities at the brand & segment level. Validate or incrementally adjust strategies and targeted tactics to fuel stronger growth.


OnTrack’s ease of use, ability to give us real-time insights, and the ability to create custom segments has brought our segmentation to life. In addition, Affinity Answers has been a great partner to work with.”

Kristi Grinde,

Senior Manager, Consumer Insights and Brand Strategy, CKE Restaurants

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Uncover the true relationship between people and brands

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