Drive decisions with instantaneous research

Answer questions confidently with access to the largest continuous study of customer behavior.

Strategic customer insights provide unbridled support

Know in 10 minutes what it would take millions of dollars and countless hours to accomplish. Our comprehensive data allows insights teams to confidently illuminate a path forward.


Affinity Intersect gives you access to the largest continuous study of consumer behavior

Know customers and their habits

Identify the strongest correlations between your customers and the brands and entities they engage with. Strengthen identity resolution and keep current on changing consumer trends.

Full team support

Advance your understanding of consumers to drive intelligent decisions and provide cross-departmental support. Locate pivotal opportunities to support strategic decision-making.

Bypass fielded studies

Accessing the affinities of 250MM people and 45,000 different interests would require individual studies of more than 1.125 TRILLION questions every 13 weeks. We make it instant.


OnTrack keeps you in-the-know with real-time segmentation tracking

Advanced customer segmentation

Building stronger customer profiles yields better results. Track and segment audiences based on campaign reactions to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Competitive tracking

Compare your visitiation data with that of the competition. Stay current with real-time tracking of your competitors' promotions as well as effects on their customers.

Improved campaign development

Dynamic segment tracking keeps you current on fluctuating audience trends. Stay on top of changing visitation to ensure a competitive edge.

Case Study

Push fan segmentation further

Fans come in many shapes and forms, and not all outreach is equal. Affinity Intersect was able to identify three core groups of a celebrity's fans allowing the marketing team to create different, optimized strategic approaches. 

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Advanced real-time customer segmentation tracking

Uncover the true relationship between people and brands

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Uncover the true relationship between people and brands

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