Introducing FanFinder360º

The all-in-one platform that delivers actionable insights for everything entertainment.

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TV Networks/Streaming

Data to power and optimize tune-in marketing for your show, streaming service, or network.

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Movie Studios

Data to power and optimize activations for trailers, theatrical and on-demand releases.

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Music Labels

Data to power and optimize activation for artists, events, musical genres, and more.

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optimize tune-in targeting

for networks and streaming 

FanFinder360º gives you immediate, actionable insights that can be effectively and efficiently applied across platforms. Understand what fans love across Facebook, YouTube, and the entire digital universe to activate tune-in marketing like never before.

_Top Keywords
_Top Websites
_Top YouTube Channels

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create a 360º picture
of your movie fans

Receive unprecedented insights into the fans of every major movie, genre, or actor. Get a 360º view of the who, what, and where of your current and potential fans in order to expose your movies to those who matter most.

_What they’re watching
_What they’re playing
_What they’re logging into
_What they’re listening to

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social data is the key

Social media is the modern-day watercooler where fans come together to talk about their favorite shows, see trailers for upcoming movies, and follow their favorite artists. Social is the best place to learn about fans’ shared interests. As such, we expanded from music to the larger M&E ecosystem, and that is what we deliver to our clients today.

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