If your brand
has a segmentation,

you need BrandAlpha

Brand Alpha is dynamic customer segmentation tracking for brands that helps you steal market share, build and activate new audiences, and protect your base through real-time customer data.

With BrandAlpha you can:

Conquer Your Competition

Track and measure your segments against your competitors’ visitation so you know which segments are switching, staying, and opting out of the category.

Test and Optimize Seed Audiences

Output privacy-compliant mobile data as a seed for either loyalty, penetration or competitive conquest strategies for any channel – Social, Mobile, Display, CTV, and more.

Measure Segment-level Performance

Measure the impact of marketing activities at the brand & segment level.

Validate In-market Strategies

Validate or incrementally adjust strategies and targeted tactics to fuel stronger growth.

Smarter customer data.
Smarter brand strategy.

Let’s get started.

the AlphaMarketer’s advantage

A New Way
to Measure Brand Health


  • Proprietary model based on visitation and social data
  • Characterizes customers based on behavior – eliminating panel based biases
  • Systematically evaluates ongoing and incremental strategies
  • Apples-to-apples data comparison with competitive data
  • Yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly data for 3,000+ retail, restaurants, and brand visitation