the obsession is real. the fandom is intense.


With 136MM US viewers, 56MM more viewers than its closest major competitor, the NFL isn’t the only game in town, but sometimes it sure feels that way.

It stands to reason that brands are also obsessed with the NFL. Last year, advertisers spent close to $4B dollars during the regular season broadcasts, not including the playoffs or the nearly $450MM dollars spent on the day of Super Bowl LIII.


but what else can data tell us that can help inform brands on how to target the most popular game in the US?


who really deserves to be called “america’s team”?

Since 1978, when John Facenda dubbed the Dallas Cowboys “America’s Team,” the mythology has grown into a seemingly incontrovertible truth. But our study shows that the Green Bay Packers might be more deserving of the title.

“To find America’s Team we looked at how people interacted with brands and media publications across social media and created a collaborative filtering recommendation model to tell us, ‘Just how much do people watching the Toledo Morning News like the Seahawks?”
– Kyle Katzen, lead data scientist

who are the top dogs of tailgating?

Identify the fans who are thrilling with the grilling on Sundays. If you are a brand that wants to be on every table or grill outside the stadium or in the backyard, we can find the perfect audience for you. You might want to start with Cowboy’s fans.


who is choosing craft over clydesdales?

There are a lot of NFL fans out there. And not all of them share the same tastes. Affinity Answers Custom Audiences can identify the specific tastes within the fan bases to help you find the right passions for your brand. Think every NFL fan cheers with a Budweiser? Think again. Fans of these teams all prefer craft beer to the king of beers


need to dig deeper?

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