Case Study:

Feb 27, 2024

Case Study:

Finding and Driving
New Users for Dunkin’


With the holiday season in full swing, a top gaming console wanted to do everything it could to steal market share from it’s main competitor—Playstation.

Affinity Answers created a segment to target people already engaging with Playstation with proven future purchase intent. A campaign was put in market by the gaming console company to switch loyalties and steal share.

After the campaign concluded, a brand study was conducted by Nielsen Vizu with one question: how likely are you to purchase Brand X gaming console in the next 3 months?


The results were incredible: those reached by the Affinity Answers audience were more than 10% more likely to purchase the gaming console in the next three months. A full conquest campaign followed and the console recorded record sales for the quarter.

Popular Segments

Affinity Answers > Interest > Food & Beverage > Specialty & Gourmet

Affinity Answers > Interest > Food & Beverage > Snack Foods

Affinity Answers > Interest > Food & Beverage > Health Foods

Affinity Answers > Intent > Packaged Foods > Campbell’s

Affinity Answers > Intent > Frozen Foods > Digiorno

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