Case Study:

Case Study:

Finding and Driving
New Users for Dunkin’


Dunkin’ asked Affinity Answers to Identify switchers and potential new buyers based on certain taste profiles based on the upcoming launch of new offerings.

For Switchers, Affinity Answers used their TrueAffinity® Social Graph to identify the highest affinity and intent towards local/regional competition AND Dunkin’. These behaviors showed shared intent and thus would be the best group to target to drive one more Dunkin’ occasion.

For Taste Explorers, Affinity Answers used their TrueAffinity® Social Graph to identify people who are willing to explore new things. With access to social engagement across more than 40k brands and entertainment properties, Affinity Answers was able to highlight branded engagement across fashion, food, technology, and more.


It was a resounding success. Based on internal measurement from Dunkin’, Affinity Answers’ audiences were able to increase sales while decreasing cost per acquisition.

Popular Segments

Affinity Answers > Interest > Food & Beverage > Specialty & Gourmet

Affinity Answers > Interest > Food & Beverage > Snack Foods

Affinity Answers > Interest > Food & Beverage > Health Foods

Affinity Answers > Intent > Packaged Foods > Campbell’s

Affinity Answers > Intent > Frozen Foods > Digiorno

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