AffinityAnswers solves a classic brand
advertising and marketing problem:

How does a brand find its most qualified* audiences?

*Those who are most likely to buy, act, or tune in at scale.

We achieve high-performance reach extension by finding undiscovered audiences that have shown affinity for your brand. It’s like finding out someone you have a crush on already has a crush on you.

Find which audiences already have a crush on your brand:

What AffinityAnswers Does Differently

From Look-alike to
Act-alike Modeling

Traditional look-alike modeling looks at static attributes such as demographics to extend audiences. The resulting audience, while frequently large, does not tend to perform well for any brand campaign metrics.

In contrast, act-alike modeling looks at observed consumer engagement behaviors to predict which audiences show affinity towards your brand and thus are likely to respond better than an average population.



3rd party audiences are available via our partner, Oracle Data Cloud (BlueKai), as branded cookie segments. You can search for “AffinityAnswers” in your DSP or digital buying platform to find the audience you need for your brand across 1,500 segments covering multiple categories: auto, CPG, retail, finance, travel, TV, radio, print, music, movies, sports, games, celebrities, and more.

1st party modeling is made available by directly working with our clients, whether they are brand advertisers, agencies housing client 1st party data in DMPs, or publishers with extensive in-house audience data.

TV audiences are available directly via our platform. They can be activated via TV buying capabilities in your media or ad tech buying platform.

How To Get Started

Use ActivationPlanner™ to plan and respond to your RFPs

We’ve created ActivationPlanner™, an easy to use tool to start an exploration of the best possible affinity-based audience segments for your campaign. You can download compelling graphics which can be easily inserted into your RFP or presentation. Simply enter your brand and a diagram appears showing how your brand can expand its audiences.

Programmatic Campaigns
Finding your audience is as simple as typing “AffinityAnswers” in your DSP’s audience search interface and then narrowing down to a specific brand from the segment list. For more advanced use cases, such as customizing your target reach, contact us and we’ll help build your plan. You can change your target reach to expand or scale back your potential reach to have the highest performing group of audience segments possible.

Social Campaigns
You can secure the audience you need to target by either using our Platform in a self-service mode or by having us build a custom audience for you.

TV Campaigns
You can use our Platform to discover the audience and context you need to buy.

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