Pepsi & Nicki Minaj: Identifying Sponsorship Opportunities

Apr 11, 2013

Pepsi & Nicki Minaj: Identifying Sponsorship Opportunities

The Situation:

Pepsi was looking re-energize their brand around their new positioning “Live For Now”. They were looking to sponsor an artist that best resonated with their audience. Based on the theme, they arrived at 4 artist candidates to choose from. To help them decide, they asked Colligent to analyze and recommend the best choice.


The Solution:

Colligent did an affinity analysis between Pepsi and the 4 artists. The analysis was done on current mutual affinity between Pepsi and respective artists, and the growth in that affinity over last 12 months. The analysis revealed that Nicki Minaj was the best choice for Pepsi.


The Results:

Pepsi decided to go with Nicki Minaj for sponsorship. In the first 8 weeks of the relationship, the mutual engagement (MeQ score) among the most engaged fans grew from 78.74 to 95.34. This demonstrated strong reception of the partnership among fans of both brands.

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