The Insanely Misunderstood Power of Brand-Level Data


Imagine you are speaking to a guy you just met at a party. As the conversation goes along, you slowly start to learn more about him. You learn he is 26 years old, lives in Boston, a self-proclaimed technophile, who loves movies and is currently in the market for a new bank. At first glance,…

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Niche Gaming Audiences Using ActivationPlanner

Gaming has become a more accepted part of popular culture and has seen a massive expansion in the number of players. Up to 65% of American households play video or computer games every year. As gaming increases in popularity and accessibility, gaming audiences, too, grow in size and segments. The video gamer is no more…

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How Users Have Embraced (Or Not) 280 Character Tweets


In November last year, Twitter doubled the limit on tweet length from 140 characters to 280 characters.  Because Affinity Answers observes and analyzes consumer behavior across social networks including Twitter (more on how we do it here), we were prepared to observe lengthier Tweets from brands and celebrities as well as lengthier replies to those…

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Turning Social Media Engagements Into Audience Recommendations


When Affinity Answers gathers intelligence such as “Consumers interested in The Cheesecake Factory are likely to be interested in Jared Jewelry, Andes Mints and CeraVe”, how do we derive these recommendations?  Hundreds of global brands rely on Affinity Answers’ recommender system in their programmatic media buying because they trust the intelligence from which it is…

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