Throwdown between Tasty Tacos – Qdoba with a surprising victory


The battle for fast food market share exists on every level - Globally, Nationally, Regionally, even Locally.  But beyond the register rings, deeper insights tell a bigger story of brand resonance. 

And it turns out that when it comes to the younger generation, the taco joint that reigns supreme is none other than Qdoba. When we mapped Connected Zoomers - identified as early adopting, Generation Z’ers - along with Solo Millennials - Freewheeling, Outdoorsy, twenty and thirty somethings, it was alarming to see how well Qdoba over indexed against these two young groups. In both groups Qdoba’s actual visitation well surpassed it’s expected visitation - over indexing by approximately 22% and 17% respectively.

They say that QSR, and Tacos specifically, tend to be a younger generation’s game. If that is the case, it might be safe to say that Qdoba has a very bright future ahead of them. 



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