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Affinity Data+ provides consumer data and services to help restaurant brands bridge consumer data gaps to outperform their competitors.

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Why Affinity Data

Most restaurants and brands are at a big disadvantage when it comes to data for their day-to-day decisions. Data services and infrastructures like DMP and CDP stacks are designed to help the largest enterprise brands get the most out of their data. Without the data, the expertise, or the resources, effectively understanding your consumers and your competition's consumers is between hard and impossible. We help brands of all sizes and resources achieve growth, innovate, and disrupt.



Supported by Affinity Answers, the world's largest
provider of social affinity data, Affinity Data+ has
access to social, location, panel, and purchase data
to help marketers drive higher ROI while supplying
best-in-class data to bridge any gaps.

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How it works

Working with brands over the last 20 years, we have been given a front-row seat to what marketers are looking for and how to help them succeed.

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Marketers want to know

  • What is causing my brand to grow or decline?
  • Who are my current customers (media habits, buying habits, favorite shows, etc)
  • Who are my competitor's customers (media habits, buying habits, favorite shows, etc)
  • What is my current customer sentiment (pricing, quality, etc)?
  • What is my brand awareness?
  • What is my current customer activity by frequency, daypart, and broken out by DMA?

So we combine and analyze disparate datasets

Social Affinity Data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Reddit 250MM people

Panel Data - Nielsen panel

Location data 19MM people

Purchase Data - 15MM people

To deliver

  • Customer and competitive reporting
    (Frequency, Daypart, DMA)
  • 1st Party / Loyalty data enrichment
  • Proxy loyalty and competitive conquest
    data via MAIDs
  • Behavioral profiles of current and competitive
  • Optimized targeting data (Universal Audiences)
  • Brand awareness studies & surveys
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So marketers can:

  • Increase revenue and profitability for predictable growth
  • Improve media, targeting, messaging, and engagement
  • Better understand business performance and customer needs
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce cost of aquisition
  • Optimize competitive conquesting

A True
Data Intelligence Partner

Delivering performance data to drive increased Restaurant revenue. Affinity Data+ is a performance data consultancy catering to 50-500 door restaurants helping them identify data gaps to deliver actionable insights to power promotional and growth strategies.

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