capture the power of social media
with audiences powered by True Affinity®


TrueAffinity® measures the highest affinities between people and the brands, influencers and entertainment properties they love.

first, we tear down the walled gardens

We are able to observe billions of social interactions and behaviors across all the major platforms to understand what brands, shows, celebrities and sports people are liking, talking about and sharing.

our model is born

We track and analyze the social interactions between 400MM users and 50,000 brands to create our TrueAffinity® model.

Key interactions between each person and all of the brands they engage with are anonymized and fed into our model. Content likes and comments across Instagram/Facebook and Twitter replies.

This provides a robust understanding of the types of brands that cluster based on different personalities, traits and tastes. Billions of clusters and instances are analyzed through a machine learning model to create the ultimate guide to the affinities between people and brands.

our model in action

Strategic data partnerships provide past-purchase, location and browsing data to be run through our model. These partners feed our model with strings of brand level behaviors. We are able to identify and extrapolate all of the other brands each person is most likely to also purchase.

Lots of companies can tell you who already bought. We are the best at identifying who will buy next.

our difference:

act alike > look alike

Act-alike models are driven by brand-level data. That is the key. Knowing a person is interested in BMW, Patagonia, and Whole Foods provides a much clearer picture than someone who is into automobiles, outdoors and cooking.