Access insights and take action

Social data helps drive decisions from production to promotion.

Going far beyond basic viewer data

Achieve an all-encompassing perspective of viewer behavior and current trends to electrify strategy. Tap into the largest continuous study of viewer behavior and discover the movies, shows, and series most fueling fan engagements.


Social data for enhancing entertainment strategy

Build stronger fan profiles with Affinity Intersect

Get a 360º view of your fans through immediate identification of the brands, genres, celebrities, and media that share the highest mutual affinities.

Spot rising talent and relevant celebrities

Our expansive data set allows you to pinpoint the talent resonating most with your viewers. Book appearances and promotions based on fan behavior, not gut instinct.

Stronger partnership opportunities

The right sponsors or guest stars can propel viewership. Create awareness and drive tune-in with marketing partners that possess strong correlations with your fans.

Reach new and current viewers with Affinity Target

Go where the fans go

Are you hitting your fans in all the right spots? We can help you identify the places fans frequent, online and off, to provide a better white-space road map.

Influencer marketing with intelligence

Find the right influencers to turn their audiences towards your property. Instantaneous research unveils the influencers likely to make the most impact.

Reign in media spend

Compete with efficiency by approaching current and potential fans relevantly. Optimize media spend through behavioral targeting and smarter segmentation.

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In-depth analysis of any fan

Meaningfully reaching show and genre fans requires understanding what captivates and engages them most online. Affinity Target leverages social engagement data uncovering the brands and entities possessing the highest shared affinities with any movie fan.

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Advanced real-time customer segmentation tracking

Uncover the true relationship between people and brands

Social powered audiences, activated anywhere

Supercharge 1st party data with lifestyle and interest attributes

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Uncover the true relationship between people and brands

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