Consumer intelligence

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Achieve new levels of understanding buyer behavior with the TrueAffinity social graph.

TrueAffinity analyzes content engagements from 250M people across 40K entities to create a brand-level recommender engine—similar to that of Netflix or Amazon.


Our powerful social graph measures meaningful relationships between people and the entities they engage with across social media. TrueAffinity social media data identifies the strongest connections based on real peoples’ social media activity across all social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter), providing the most realistic depictions of consumer behavior.

Activating audiences with ease

Interests and demographic groups simply don’t define individuals as strongly as the brands they engage with. TrueAffinity uses what we call the act-alike model, our evolution of look-alike audience modeling. Using brand-level social media data, our unique model provides a much deeper view into peoples’ interests, more accurately reflecting the true passions and desires of audiences.

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Advanced real-time customer segmentation tracking

Uncover the true relationship between people and brands

Social powered audiences, activated anywhere

Supercharge 1st party data with lifestyle and interest attributes

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Uncover the true relationship between people and brands

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