Leading Education Provider Increases Leads Through Audience Relevance

Jan 26, 2021

Leading Education Provider Increases Leads Through Audience Relevance

Great Learning is an educational technology company that offers a variety of programs in data science, development and analytics. As India’s largest professional learning company, with a global footprint in 140+ countries, Great Learning hopes to continue introducing both tech newcomers and professionals to their robust online course offerings.

Within edtech, search advertising is typically the best source for capturing high-intent audiences, and Great Learning already had a good track record of using search advertising to generate leads. The problem was that the volume wasn’t high enough, and other efforts were proving inefficient at finding eligible leads.


Great Learning asked Affinity Answers to help solve two problems:


  1. Qualify already available leads for specific courses
  2. Find new leads/audiences for specific course


However, Great Learning wasn’t interested in the affinities between people and brands or celebrities. Great Learning was interested in the affinities people have towards program topics, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

So, Affinity Answers created specific threads within its TrueAffinity® model to identify when people engaged with certain topics (i.e #artificialintelligence) across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. People who engaged with each thread were then collected and analyzed against their affinities towards digital publishers and digital magazines.


To ensure quality results,
Affinity Answers needed to filter the analysis based on 3 criteria:


  1. The digital property wasn’t a generic news site (catch-all for keywords)
  2. Accepted display ads
  3. Had good traffic from India as reported through SimilarWeb or Alexa



Great Learning found the data provided by Affinity Answers to be significantly better than the data used in their previous contextual display campaigns. They were able to see – in a period of just 4 weeks – improvements across all 3 of their key metrics eligibility, leads and CPM.

Achieving relevance in reach requires advanced audience insights. With the largest social media footprint of any data provider, we can access the interests and behaviors of anyone, anywhere, supplying marketers with increased relevance and ultimately ROI. Contact us at audiences@affinityanswers.com to find out how affinity-based audiences can enhance your brand strategies.

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