Quantifying what happens between advertising and purchase

Much of what happens in between advertising and purchase is emotional. For the first time, with the availability of mutual affinity, what happens in-between advertising and purchase can be measured well at scale.

Social engagement provides a way to measure both the conscious and unconscious influence brand advertising has on consumers. It is also a great place to observe the feedback loop created by purchase and any resulting loyalty.

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TrueAffinity™ is a brand interaction metric that indicates the strength of active, mutual engagement between brands’ audiences over time. The stronger the engagement, the more receptive these brands’ fans are to messaging and content from the other brand.

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Plan campaigns, profile audiences, and uncover new insights

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Activate affinity-based audiences in programmatic, TV, social, or any other media

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Measure brand effectiveness via growth in social engagement

TrueAffinity™ is a state-of-the-art branding metric.

By measuring the level of engagement between any two brands, TrueAffinity™ ensures that brands are able to select only the most qualified audiences to extend their reach. Our metric ensures that positive and proactive engagements are prioritized.

Use Cases

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Branding Effectiveness
Measure effectiveness of any marketing campaign on any media – whether it’s TV, Radio, Print, Digital, Mobile, or Social. Understand your brand’s affinity growth within the channels where you advertise.

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Sponsorships and Partnerships
Measure the effectiveness of existing sponsorships for your brand or your competitors’.

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Celebrity Endorsements
Measure how well your existing celebrity sponsorships are working.

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Shopper Marketing
Measure effectiveness of your shopper marketing (retail promotions) effort, by measuring the lift from from promotion efforts to complement your sales tracking.

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