Restaurants Need to Look Outside Current Customers


For years, restaurant marketers have looked inside to current customer data as a roadmap for future sales. First party data provided a perfect seed for look-alike modeling to then build scale. “I know my customer” was the mantra. And data science could build off of that seed a perfect mold to cast a repeatable customer…

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Achieving Audience Success in a Sea of Streaming Providers


As the streaming video landscape continues its rapid (and often confounding) evolution, both consumers and brands find themselves surveying a wide playing field of SVoD providers. Weeknights are no longer solely devoted to Netflix binging – new streaming services such as Apple TV+, NBCUniversal Peacock, and HBO Max will join Disney+, Hulu, and a large…

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Affinities Tell the Story Between Candidates and Issues


Since the Obama campaign of 2008, the world has come to realize the power of social media in politics. Politicians flock to social media to communicate policy, engage with constituents and to debate the issues with fellow candidates and pundits. For the last decade, Affinity Answers has been a leader in understanding the publicly available…

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Affinities Identify the Most Engaging Content and Personalities on YouTube

Channels with the highest brand affinity outperform channels based on genre and subscriber count AffinityAnswers is not just for tracking brands; advertisers can also find which YouTube channels – based on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter behaviors of the channels’ fans – have high affinity for their brand. This level of insight was key for…

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