The viewer data that answers the tough questions

Entertainment marketers are often asked tough questions, and sometimes it’s difficult to get answers for where, why, and how to reach viewers of particular shows, celebrities, or brands. In the not-so-distant past, marketing teams would need to rely on basically two processes for answering the tougher questions: gut reactions or, conversely, expensive studies that can…

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Reaching the Right TV Audiences with Addressable TV


About this article: Addressable TV advertising continues its increase Personalization drives TV ad success Geotargeting can provide advertisers with limitless strategy Addressable TV is on the rise. Digital advertising is gradually making its way to traditional linear TV, giving brands more control over their outreach efforts, and allowing them to cater to a wider audience.…

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Peacock’s Ad-Supported Strategy Might Seal Its Success

Launching in the midst of a global pandemic and among an overwhelming number of time-tested competitors, Peacock’s future is definitely uncertain. But the good news is that the tiered media service does have some potential for success. NBCUniversal is betting big that consumers want free-to-watch, ad-supported, options and in this particular time period, they might…

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Achieving Audience Success in a Sea of Streaming Providers


As the streaming video landscape continues its rapid (and often confounding) evolution, both consumers and brands find themselves surveying a wide playing field of SVoD providers. Weeknights are no longer solely devoted to Netflix binging – new streaming services such as Apple TV+, NBCUniversal Peacock, and HBO Max will join Disney+, Hulu, and a large…

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Are You Ready for Some Football (Brands)?

With the exception of tonight’s Giants / Vikings game on ESPN, week 4 of the NFL 2016-2017 season is in the books.  Though my team, the Panthers, is not having the same success as last year, the networks carrying the games are still doing well and charging premiums for commercials during NFL broadcasts.  As detailed…

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