Turning Social Media Engagements Into Audience Recommendations


When Affinity Answers gathers intelligence such as “Consumers interested in The Cheesecake Factory are likely to be interested in Jared Jewelry, Andes Mints and CeraVe”, how do we derive these recommendations?  Hundreds of global brands rely on Affinity Answers’ recommender system in their programmatic media buying because they trust the intelligence from which it is…

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Audience Enrichment Comes in Many Flavors


The idea of Audience Enrichment has been around for decades in the list-rental business, but it means much more in the offline/online world of data today. It is no longer theory or even past tense; it is reality. Technology rolls on and affects all industries and in turn, how we do our jobs. In marketing…

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Audience Enrichment: What’s In Your Data?

A POV on Audience Enrichment and Finding the Hidden Gems in Your Data There are so many questions that marketers have about their data. A quick Google search of “too much data” yields the following results: “Do you really have big data, or just too much?” “Why too much data is stressing us out” “5…

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Affinity Answers In The ODC Blog


Affinity Answers is proud to announce that we have been named an Oracle Data Cloud Premier Data Provider. What does that mean? Well, basically, that we are the best. Kidding. Well, sort of. Oracle started this unique and prestigious program to identify certain providers within its marketplace who have consistently demonstrated data accuracy and transparency…

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