Affinity Answers
Wins Social Media Tech Vendor of the Year Award

We’ve brought home the gold as Social Media Tech Vendor of the Year in e4m’s Martech India Awards 2021. The annual ceremony celebrates marketing tech innovators who played a pivotal role in reshaping the APAC marketing landscape last year. The award not only recognizes our capabilities as a programmatic audience provider but also rings true…

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Data assurances in a cookieless future


Ongoing hype surrounding cookieless has gradually blossomed into constructive conversations, with countless marketing gurus providing survival guides while organizations proactively bolster their first-party data intake. But as we’ve recently mentioned, Google is doing their best to maintain a consistent third-party data flow throughout the transition, replacing cookies with alternatives that function in similar but more…

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Travelgeddon begins:
can industries keep up?


Surging demand has shocked an unprepared travel industry, with many sectors struggling to meet massive amounts of post-pandemic travelers. As almost every state has now lifted COVID travel restrictions, we’re witnessing the reemergence of live events and, as we’ve previously covered, physical stores leveraging unexpected foot traffic upticks.   But can travel-related industries keep up…

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