A New Study Shows Disloyalty is the New Norm


The writing has been on the wall for quite sometime now. Whether you are a devoted follower of Byron Sharp, a strong believer in the heavy buyer fallacy, or a heretic who knew the Pareto Ratio would never stand up to the pressures of consumerism; loyalty ain’t what it used to be. This truth is…

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The Insanely Misunderstood Power of Brand-Level Data


Imagine you are speaking to a guy you just met at a party. As the conversation goes along, you slowly start to learn more about him. You learn he is 26 years old, lives in Boston, a self-proclaimed technophile, who loves movies and is currently in the market for a new bank. At first glance,…

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Niche Gaming Audiences Using ActivationPlanner

Gaming has become a more accepted part of popular culture and has seen a massive expansion in the number of players. Up to 65% of American households play video or computer games every year. As gaming increases in popularity and accessibility, gaming audiences, too, grow in size and segments. The video gamer is no more…

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AffinityAnswers Partners with LiveRamp to Expand Distribution of its “Mutual Affinity” Social Media Audience Data

AUSTIN, TX (March 7 , 2017) Affinity Answers, a platform for predictive branding powered by affinity algorithms that measure social data across 60,000 brands and 400 million people worldwide, today announced a partnership with LiveRamp™ a leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution. Through the partnership, Affinity Answers will make its social media audience data actionable across…

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