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Affinity Answers is the leader in connecting brands with the fans of the shows, games, movies and celebrities they love. From any title to any genre, our audiences put you in front of the fans of the hottest entertainment who are also fans of your brand.

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3. Television > Genre> Spanish Language Television

4. Streaming Media and Downloads > Streaming providers > Netflix

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Affinity Answers will help you efficiently and effectively activate your brand across display, video, TV, and social.

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We create truly unique audiences powered by the largest ongoing social study of consumer engagement and brands, media and personalities. With the largest social media footprint available, Affinity Answers brand affinities deliver insights and intent beyond interest or past-purchase behaviors, helping brands create more accurate, effective and efficient audiences.

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65,000 Entities
Tracked from Brand and Entertainment

550MM Consumers
Sourced from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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