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Our programmatic audiences target whatever your customer is binging, cheering, and following, to remind them what they should be buying.

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top performing
programmatic & addressable verticals

Not all data is good for everything. Our model uses social data to understand people’s affinities based on their engagements.
So the more engagements, the better our data. The following verticals are where we do our best work, and where you will get your best results.

sports & events

700MM+ engagements / 13 wks
4,000+ entities tracked

450 available segments


1BB+ engagements / 13 wks
7,000+ entities tracked

344 available segments


24MM+ engagements / 13 wks
3,000+ entities tracked

47 available segments


115MM+ engagements / 13 wks
700+ entities tracked

157 available segments


73+MM engagements / 13 wks
1,500+ entities tracked

132 available segments

beauty & cosmetics

50MM+ engagements / 13 wks
1,000+ entities tracked

115 available segments


10MM+ engagements / 13 wks
600+ entities tracked

105 available segments


50MM+ engagements / 13 wks
1,800+ entities tracked

96 available segments


140MM+ engagements / 13 wks
4,000+ entities tracked

154 available segments

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Target your customer’s passions


affinity answers answers frequently asked questions

We believe in total transparency. We know it is important to you, so it is important to us. Here is a list of answers to all of the most frequently asked questions we have received over the years. If your question isn’t there, just ask!

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over 1,500 syndicated segments
and thousands of custom segment possibilities

We track thousands of show entities that are available for custom created segments. Email your requests to audiences@affinityanswers.com

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industry insights


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Energizing new platforms with old programming

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