From Strategy to Planning & Activation, we have your branding needs covered.

Buyer-Driven Brand Growth starts right here. Take the guesswork out of building audiences based on someone else’s data and instead, put the power of your existing buyers to work to identify new target audiences. We have developed a software suite to provide the cure for today’s complex marketing challenges with a solution that diagnoses which investments are working and which are not, identifies new target segments with emotional alignment to your brand and delivers those recommendations to you in an easy-to-use product to execute against your brand goals. The result is a new level of control and confidence in your brand investments.

Strategize with the BrandCure™ Suite

Audit and align media, audience, creative and content with your advertising goals.

A comprehensive solution that provides a cure for today’s biggest marketing challenges by measuring a brand’s relevance against its media, audience, content and creative.



An effective audit of your current digital media investments that recommends which publishers to keep investing with, where you should increase spend, where you should cut back – and identifies new publishers to consider adding to your advertising mix. You receive a specific diagnosis that compares your brand’s current ad activity on various publishers to their audience’s resulting preference for your brand and for your competitors’. The result is the improved efficiency of your ad spend.


Prescriptive guidance on which audience segments to continue to invest in, segments to increase or decrease and new segments to consider adding to your marketing mix. You receive a specific diagnosis that compares your brand’s current ad targeting across various consumer segments to the audience’s resulting preference for your brand.


Prescriptive direction on the type of content that would be most contextually relevant to category buyers that can be applied to earned and paid media campaigns. You receive a custom diagnosis on what content is resonating with your buyers for your brand and your competitors’.


A diagnosis on what creative is resonating with your brand and category buyers followed by recommendations for the most compelling, inspiring creative to reach your buyers up-funnel, along with a metric to measure relevance of creative against these audiences.

Planning with AudiencePlanner™

An insights, planning, and targeting product to prescribe new audience segments and channels for creative, content or sponsorships

Using engagement data from more than 50,000 brands, we apply predictive modeling to identify attributes unique to your buyers that you can leverage to grow your brand. Key attributes include behavior towards other brands, media and entertainment.

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Recommendations Identified for Multiple Interests

AudiencePlanner allows input for multiple interests, e.g. CoverGirl is sponsoring Katy Perry – the AudiencePlanner tool identifies new consumers by combining CoverGirl buyers with Katy Perry’s buyers, allowing you to analyze their behaviors to derive new segments to target. It’s as simple as typing Katy Perry and CoverGirl into the “Known Interests Box” within the software to see the resulting recommendations for predicted interests.

Diverse, Granular Outputs

AudiencePlanner provides output in granular detail across 9 categories spanning Brands, TV, Digital, Local, Music, Apps & Games, Movies & Books, Sports & Celebrities.

Activate with Audience Segments

Target your category buyers across product segments to build purchase intent using your own custom buying platform or through any DMP/DSP partners.

The first-party and third-party segments we build are available to be executed in most programmatic platforms. There are more than 2,000 syndicated third-party segments already available in a variety of verticals. We also custom build audiences for your specific campaign needs.

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Relevant Reach At Scale

Expand target buyers through enhanced 1P, 3P or custom segment creation to accelerate performance of your programmatic buying strategies.

Extensive and Existing Buying Categories

Our data exchange partners have already loaded a robust taxonomy of categories and verticals, such as automotive, apparel & accessories, consumer technology, etc., that you can easily access in your DMP/DSP to immediately boost campaign performance.