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most buyers in your category aren’t buying your brand

In an era of more choices, more channels and… well… just more, even the brands that appear most dominant in the category are still far from ubiquitous.

light buyers are the key to your heavy buyer strategy

There is no loyalty. There, we said it. There is only preference and affinity. The most successful brands today are getting one more from their light and lapsed while continuously filling their funnels with new customers.

“Over 60 years of research… the evidence still shows that all brands have some easy-to-reach heavy users 
but that large numbers of light buyers are critical for brand maintenance and growth.”
– Eat Your Greens

TrueAffinity® is proven to deliver future purchase intent

Identify future purchase intent to identify your next new buyer for long time brand growth. A recent Lucid blind study shows Affinity Answers segments are able to help users identify future purchase intent higher on average than the leading purchase-based provider.

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