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FanFinder360º delivers fan insights and optimized activation for TV shows, TV genres, actors, and more.

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FanFinder360º identifies the most passionate fans across TV, movies, and music through billions of social engagements to deliver insights and optimized activation, giving you the ultimate competitive advantage.

we support

  • TV networks/channels
  • Streaming services
  • YouTube channels

we deliver

  • Weekly snapshots of fan engagement
  • Tailored keywords and audiences
  • Top-line, genre, and series reporting

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our tv clients use FanFinder360º for…

tv insights

  • 360º understanding of my fans across all entertainment and brand entities
  • Understand how my fans are similar/dissimilar to competitive networks, streaming services, and shows
  • Understand how my fans are changing from season to season
  • Which brands should be most interested in advertising during my shows

tune-in marketing

  • Target fans of current and competitive shows
  • Target fans of different show genres
  • Track and evolve my fan targeting from premier through future seasons
  • Identify the most effective keywords for social media buying, including YouTube
  • Identify and target most relevant YouTube channel placements
  • Plan, build, and validate TV tune-in media approach
  • Identify brand sponsorships and celebrity endorsements based on known shared affinities

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