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Our social insights platform empowers data-driven strategy, giving marketing and insights teams a complete view into the passions of fans and viewers.

FanFinder360º provides a continued study of fan behavior. Build a 360º view of your fans through an unprecedented look into the brands, movies, series, and other interests that drive their most engagement.

Multiple data sources
Powered by the largest pool of social data available—sourced from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit

360º view of behavior
Understand your viewers behavior and interests, online and offline

Identify brand partners
Power-up your partner pitches with shared affinities between your properties and their brands

Find Talent
Pinpoint the perfect traditional or emerging talent for your programming or cross-promotion

Identify influencers, keywords and placements
Supercharge your media plan and increase your tune-in ROI with access to the most relevant keywords, websites, YouTube channels and influencers

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The wealth of actionable insights attainable through FanFinder360º provides coverage for both digital marketers and consumer insights experts.

Digital Marketing Teams

  • Discover placement and keyword opportunities to strengthen campaign
  • Find the influencers, events, and sponsorship opportunities most relevant to your fans.
  • Access competitive insights into the fans of rival brands, publishers, shows and media.
  • Optimize tune-in targeting by effectively reaching your fans and those most like

Consumer Insights Teams

  • Go beyond basic demographics to know every aspect of fan behavior, down to the brand.
  • Uncover the best celebrities, influencers, and up-and-comers for cross-promotion.
  • Answer difficult questions in an instant, without fielding expensive research studies.
  • Identify changes in viewer habits to leverage trends as they’re happening instead of after.

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