Use Cases

Increasing Reach Relevantly

Locating the best placement opportunities


Effective messaging is only as strong as where it appears. By identifying the channels and sites most frequented by fans, marketers can trim campaign waste by delivering relevant messaging only to the fans most likely wanting to see it.


Where can I most effectively reach fans of The Umbrella Academy?


The Netflix original The Umbrella Academy comprises a variety of genres, giving marketers a variety of targeting options across multiple channels. The insights from FanFinder360º have provided three categories of placement opportunities: keywords for social media campaigns, potential website targets, and YouTube influencers/channels with strong mutual affinities.


Fans speak loudly about their favorite topics across a variety of platforms and channels. By knowing where an entity’s fans are spending most of their time, marketers can ensure their messaging doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Identifying ideal placements allows marketers to visit fans in their favorite places online, ultimately fostering more meaningful connections.

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