Use Cases

Deeper Audience Segmentation

Identifying different fan groups of a celebrity/property


Proper fan segmentation provides guidance in both planning and promoting a particular celebrity’s projects or appearances. Comprehensive social engagement data allows insights teams and digital marketers to identify and build particular groups of fans based on shared interests and behaviors.


How can I better understand the different fan bases of Kaley Cuoco?


When viewing the social engagement data of Kaley Cuoco fans, three key groups of fans become apparent:

  • Fans who share high mutual affinities with fitness media and channels, as well as daytime and reality TV programming
  • Fans who share high mutual affinities with organic brands and uplifting media channels
  • Fans who share high mutual affinities with adult magazines, fast food, and edgier, more aggressive entertainment


These three important classifications allow marketers to better understand and more effectively reach each subset of Kaley Cuoco fans accordingly. Whether planning an upcoming appearance or promoting a show, the deep level of audience segmentation FanFinder360º provides ensures marketers can reach with meaning.

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