MTV's Ridiculousness
Google Adsense

The Situation:

MTV was looking for ways to expand awareness and interest for their new show Ridiculousness hosted by Rob Dyrdek. They went ahead and bought contextual advertising in Google AdSense using a list of keywords researched by them and suggested by Google AdPlanner tool. This brought them certain reach but the client wanted more.

The Solution:

Colligent’s targeting identified specific TV shows, music artists, sports and celebrity keywords that Ridiculousness fans engaged with and vice versa. The client created a new ad group with these keywords to buy additional contextual advertising.

The Results:

When compared to their in-house ad group, the Colligent ad group increased their reach by 73% with a 89% higher click-thru rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) that was 8% lower.


Google/MTV Keywords Colligent Keywords Performance Difference
Impressions 8,445,417 3,259,286 +73%
CTR 0.06% 0.11% +89%
CPC $0.55 $0.51 -8%