Campaign Planning just got infinitely easier with AudiencePlanner from Affinity Answers.

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the ultimate
competitive advantage

Whether you are a brand, agency, publisher, or network, AudiencePlanner gives you a 360-degree understanding of your customer’s audiences and the audiences of all of your competitors. What they watch, who they follow, what they listen to, what brands they love, everything you need, all in one place.

benefits of AudiencePlanner

Create a 360º view of your fans including a full list of all other behaviors & lifestyle interests.

Understand the closest competitive and complementary artists, movies, and shows.

Create more accurate Social Media Keyword targeting lists for your campaigns.

Website & YouTube channels affinity lists for direct placements.

case studies

Over the past 8 years, AudiencePlanner has delivered relevance and improvements across key metrics and industries.


increase in
engagement, shares, and posts


increase in
Video Completion Rates


increase in
campaign ad recall


increase in
brand affinity



Let us help you add to your already amazing media plan with social insights based on your customers, and your competition! An essential tool for any arsenal. Let us help you fill your social insights gap


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