A truly versatile tool within any advertiser’s arsenal, FanFinder360°(FF360) is our social insights-powered platform that provides marketers with an unparalleled view of the fans of their entertainment. Analyzing over a billion engagements a month, from across all major social media channels, FF360 gives a competitive edge to any campaign strategy.

so how can FanFinder360º

help you discover these potential opportunities?

Simply type in the name of any show, movie or musical artist, and FanFinder360 will unveil a robust overview of fan interests and behaviors, delivering a 360º view of everything their fans love, from the websites they visit to the brands they love to love. In order to get more familiar with FF360, let’s take a look at a few sample cases.

show and movie fans

The streaming/TV entertainment space has become especially fragmented, with TV show/series/movie/streaming fans spread out across platforms, devices, and social channels. FanFinder360º was built to bring it all back together. For example: Tune-in targeting fans of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, we discover the websites and YouTube channels where the series fans spend their time. 9GAG, Nerdist, and Buzzfeed Rewind top potential website targets, while Trevor Moran, Shane Dawson, and Pero Like are the most associated YouTube influencers. By focusing on the specific areas fans frequent, ad targeting becomes more efficient, allowing campaigns to scale.

artist tour and sponsorship opportunities

FanFinder360 makes identifying sponsorship opportunities a breeze, with brands and other artists ranked by both fan volume and TrueAffinity, our own measure of relevance. When analyzing social engagements of Deftones fans, we identified Fender Custom Shop, Spitfire Wheels, and Giri Skateboards as top brands associated with this audience. And by looking at Deftones fans’ musical interests, we see Brody Dalle, Matt Skiba and the Sekrets, and Dillinger Escape Plan as providing potential partner opportunities.

different types of fans

For a good example of how brand-level data goes way beyond basic demographics, let’s take a look at the fans of former Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco. The female actor/producer has a wide-ranging appeal, and we were able to break her fans down into 3 general groups: fitness followers into fashion, Sci-Fi fans into gaming, and Playboy fans into casual dining. As you can see, these three key audience groups have very different interests and would benefit from very different outreach approaches.

There’s great power in knowing the behaviors and interests of entertainment fans. Audiences speak through social data, telling us where and what they’re interested in most, and only by listening to them can marketers effectively reach them.

We realize how important this data can be, which is why we’ve made FanFinder360’s turnkey with no upload or integration necessary. Just login and everything is waiting. Let us know if you would like to schedule a demo, or reach out with any questions on how we can help you better understand the fans of anything.