On Sunday, June 11, Kevin Spacey will host the 71st Annual Tony Awards for the first time. Over the years, the show has had many different hosts, and on occasion, no host at all. Depending on who the host is, he or she brings a specific personality to the show. In this sense, the term audience extension actually refers to the host extending his or her sensibility to the live broadcast.

With social affinity, we can take this concept of audience extension even further. What if Kevin Spacey was not only the host, but that his fans’ social engagement decided who wins? Looking at the show through this lens should give brands an idea of how things would be if brands looked at their consumers in the same way.

While the Tony voters ultimately decide who will win on June 11, your brands’ fans – whether you know who they are or not – decide how fast it can ultimately grow.

Tony Award Winners, as decided by Kevin Spacey social fans:

  • Hamilton
  • Jersey Boys
  • Chicago
  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Wicked