The past month delivered immediate and unprecedented challenges to businesses from all industries, and we’ve witnessed firsthand how the power of creative strategy has helped many companies not only stay afloat but also succeed in spades. Losing core audiences during a pandemic led many successful companies to strategically reshape their reach to approach potential customers outside of their usual targeting through programmatic.

As the sequestering stifled theaters, venues and many entertainment outlets, the gaming industry saw an uptick in active gamers and streamers. With a majority of countries self-distancing, new game sales spiked, streaming players and viewers rose, and most importantly, scores of new gamers entered the fray, creating entirely new opportunities for gaming brands to reach target. Utilizing programmatic, publishers and brands are able reach the newest gamers by creating affinity-based audiences through social insights—studying what engages gaming fans most.

The food service industry experienced major setbacks with store closures and furloughed workers. While many restaurants had to shut their doors or go curbside, we also noticed a significant influx in e-grocery and grocery app usage, with grocery app downloads increasing up to 200% per week. Once again, we’re looking a situation where targeting outside the standard audience and strategy helps industries deal with sudden change.

The past month has shown us that it’s not only about targeting you or your competitor’s customers. It’s about consistently seeking potential clients through affinity-based social insights. We’ve watched this approach assist numerous brands during uncertain times, and we’re always excited to discuss the future of programmatic! Stay tuned for more marketing and programmatic news, or get in contact with us today to see how our social insights can help revitalize your campaigns.

It is a difficult time, but there is also so much opportunity. Shoot me an email and I can walk you through how our affinity-based insights can help you uncover new audiences.

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Josh Raper  VP, Marketing

Josh has spent the last 20 years in advertising working with brands, agencies, and private equity leading award-winning campaigns for brands like McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, InBev, and esurance.