With the plethora of audience insights & segmentation tools available for audience data, there’s an overwhelming feeling of tool overload. All these tools seem to be missing one big element: context of your client’s targeting needs.

Let’s walk through an example. A typical client brief is as follows:

Request: Reach women who lead healthy lifestyles and care about the environment. They believe the beauty products they purchase should be a direct reflection of the overall lifestyle they lead. They are minimalists, who believe that when it comes to makeup – less is more. Increase category share by targeting women interested in competitive brands.

With the audience tools you have at your disposal, it’s up to you to search, discover and combine the taxonomy segments to potentially find the best suited audience for this client brief. We feel your pain!

To ameliorate this, we’ve built ActivationPlanner which puts you in control for such a brief. For a request like the above, we have pre-packaged audience characteristics which satisfy your client’s targeting needs. The screenshot below shows how this audience can be defined.

Post defining the audience, with only one click you can obtain an Estimate of Reach via Oracle Data Cloud and/or Liveramp marketplaces. The near real-time nature of the tool helps you respond to your RFP and close more deals. The tool also allows you to provision the audience to your DSP of choice.

We’re launching this within the context of one vertical: Beauty & Cosmetics. Be on the lookout for the next vertical: Gaming & E-sports.

If you’d like a demo and test-drive of ActivationPlanner, email us at audiences@affinityanswers.com.