Affinity Answers has partnered with Mobile Data Exchange, Adsquare, to deliver US-based mobile-only audiences.  These audiences are available via Adsquare’s Audience Management Platform (AMP).  In addition, these audiences will also available on leading DSPs like Google DBM, The Trade Desk, MediaMath, Adform, to name a few.  Below are a few screenshots of our Taxonomy on AMP.

Taxonomy verticals, with coverage on Consumer Brands and Media & Entertainment.



Expanse of TV/VOD Taxonomy coverage                     ~7.7MM Device IDs are available to be Activated for the Netflix show, Stranger Things

Affinity Answers is a leading data modeling company with a unique approach to identifying audiences.  Our AI marketing techniques, such as Recommender, identify audiences in the mid-lower funnel of their purchase journey.  Audiences that are in consideration stage for Organic Beauty products, a Gaming console, Camping gear and many more.  For Media & Entertainment vertical, our AI-based Recommender identifies audiences that are highly likely to view a specific TV show, movie, attend a music concert/festival, sports event, listen to a specific artist, etc.

View our case studies here.  Reach us at for more information or if you’re unable to find these audiences on your programmatic platform.